Tool: Ways To Do Situation Analysis and Describe Your Programme Focus

Tool: Ways To Do Situation Analysis and Describe Your Programme Focus

Asking the why’s  (source: Feedback Research and Analytics)

  1. Start by stating the problem that you would like to address
  2. Answer a ‘why’ chain of questions. Start off by querying the problem - why does this happen?
  3. Ask another 'why' to your previous answer to continue interrogating the cause.
  4. Continue until the problem has been thoroughly explored

Now describe your programme’s focus:

  1. Which of the 'why' questions are crucial to address?
  2. Which of the 'why' questions will or does your programme address?
  3. Are there any other programmes that are addressing or will address the outstanding 'why' questions?
  4. What will is the effect or will be the effect of not addressing certain 'why' questions?  


Answering specific questions (source: Purposeful Program Theory: Funnell & Rogers, 2011)

  1. What is the problem, issue or opportunity?
  2. For whom does this programme exist?
  3. What is the history of the problem, and what projections are there about its future?
  4. Why does this problem occur? What are its causes? Are some causes more important or influential than others? Are there known casual pathways? (succession of causes)
  5. What if anything is known about what has and has not been effective in addressing this problem?
  6. Why should this be considered a problem? What are the consequences of this problem for those directly affected by it? 

Describe the programme’s focus by:

  1. Identifying the main strategies that the programme uses or will use.
  2. Determining the desired outcomes and conditions that are to be addressed by the programme
  3. Determine what will happen for outcomes and conditions that fall outside the boundary of the programme focus.