Four Good Reasons to Identify Initial Evaluation Questions

Four Good Reasons to Identify Initial Evaluation Questions 

Identifying initial evaluation questions (which might change or expand during the process of programme implementation) is very helpful for the following reasons:

  1. It will assist you to identify ways to measure the progress that your programme is making.  If you have never identified indicators before, you will find that identifiying evaluation questions first is very helpful as a step to thinking about indicators. 

  2. You won’t measure everything all the time; these questions will simply assist you to think about what needs to be measured when. At the end of your programme you might find that you needed to collect information systematically over time to be sufficiently able to understand and explain the effectiveness of your programme. It is logical and more appropriate to measure some outcomes after a period of implementation has passed.

  3. Evaluation questions are the first step in keeping your data collection activity-focused and as simple as possible, ensuring high quality work.

  4. Measuring requires time, money and expertise; knowing in advance what is going to be required helps you to plan and budget for such activities.