Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) is a methodical process of collating and assessing information to determine the effectiveness of a social programme or intervention. This website is an M&E resource for non-profit organisations (NPOs) and public benefit organisations (PBOs). Those with little M&E experience will be able to use the step-by-step guides to plan, monitor and evaluate programmes and interventions. More experienced users can access extensive resources to improve existing M&E processes or simply learn from other practitioners and organisations.

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Sometimes we have to understand a concept in order to do something correctly. Other times it is helpful but not critical, because we learn through doing. This site provides basic information on terminology and concepts with a rating system to show where it is critical to understand something before implementing any tasks in the suggested steps. 

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Databases, tools and online software are accessible throughout the site to help you easily implement the tasks suggested for each step. The organisations supported by the DG Murray Trust (DGMT) have freely shared the tools and indicators that worked well for them. These have been collated into user-friendly indicator and tool databases for you to use.



Our partner NPOs have collaborated with the DGMT to create case studies that help to illustrate each step.

Tried & Tested

Tried and tested advice

The ‘how to implement' for each step is told through simple instructions and video presentations/podcasts (where these are useful). If you have a slow internet connection or prefer text, you can choose to read the information instead.

Ask a Question

Ask a question

At each step (and in general) you may ask a question. We will review your question and answer it or ask the M&E professionals supporting the site to respond. The answer will be published for the benefit of future readers. Peer organisations will also be able to add commentary drawn from previous experience - this is a great way to develop and build on existing knowledge.